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7 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Domain Name Search

Your domain name is your internet identity. You should take long analyze before registering a new domain. Because, the domain name is your company/brand name. Many web designers take lots of time before designing a new website. Moreover, a good designer always takes the right decision about register a good and a branded domain.

Domain name search

Most of the persons start the first step to making a website deign, but choosing the right and perfect domain name is always important. Now these days it’s very hard to search iconic, easy to remember domain name. So what happens, when you are searching a new domain? When you are searching a new domain name. Probably you will not available to get your targeted name. Because someone it has registered before. So you can try to purchase that domain from the ownership. It’s important that you can take help ‘whois’ to find owner contact info. But sometimes this process is very expensive especially for the startup.

So, if you don’t want to purchase a domain from the owner, you will have to register a new domain from a domain registration company like Here domain name search is the fact, what type, domain name should you chose. I am here to share my 5 unlivable tips before a domain name search or registration.

5 Things about Domain Name Search:

·   Easy to Type: Easy to type domain name is critical to online success. If you use a slash with a multiple spelling (Lifehacker Vs lifehaker), it may be very hard for customers to find your website.

·   Keep it Short: Although you can now register domain names up to 65 characters. But you have to keep your mind that people able to remember your website easily. Always try to register the shortest name that visitors can easily remember your website. So the basic rule of minimum 3-8 characters is the perfect if possible.

·   Extension Matter (.com, .org, .net etc): Extension is another important matter of choosing a good domain name. The .com domain is the top level domain extension. Most of the people always search .com domain extension. This type domain is the easily memorable for the visitors.

·   Avoid trademarking name: Don’t choose a trademark-related domain name that’s already popular. Because the trademark website has spent lots of money for creating their brand. Here you will not get popular if you use a related name.
·   Avoid Number and Hyphen: Don’t use numbers and hyphens in your domain. The Number and hyphen are always misunderstood for people. People don’t remember website address if you are using a number (3) its spelled out (three) or forget the dash.

·   Be Memorable: There are millions of registered domain namesSo, your domain should be Catchy and memorable. Ones you will share a domain name with friends, make sure its sound appearing and make sense to others.

·   Be Creative: Uniqueness are always perfect. Most of the popular website domain is a unique and own word. So always try to choose unique and own word domain name.
Bonus tips:

Top 5 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

The bellows domain name search tools to help you chose a perfect domain name search. 
So, keep your mind for choosing a good domain name. Try to deep analyze and find out what type of new word is perfect for your targeted domain name.  


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7 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Domain Name Search