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7 Least Favorite Free PC Virus Protection Software 2015

Have you a Computer or Laptop. Have you just installed windows 10, win7 PC in your PC? So, don’t forget to install virus protection software. If you want to protect your PC or laptop from unwanted virus or malware, you should install secure virus protection software. Here you can install free virus protection software. If you don’t want to install free virus protection, you can use paid software. But paid software usually very expensive. Now many PC users use free software for the protecting their PC, Mac and Mobile device. So if you secure your PC you need to download free virus protection software.

Way use Virus Protection Software:

Virus protection software always detects your PC virus and prevents unwanted threats, remove malware and open referred to a virus. The virus protection is not a perfect solution for secure your PC. But it’s a first step to secure your PC. If you want to secure PC, Laptop and Mobile device from critical virus, you should install antivirus software after install new operating system. Here I will discuss 7 free antivirus software that are every exclusive virus protection software.

free virus protection software
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7 Free antivirus software:

1.360 Total Security: is a rail time protection and timely update free PC virus scanner. Basically, it’s an antivirus and malware protection software. Its high-speed powerful automatic security check software. You can secure online shopping easily by using this software. You can download two type versions like 360 total securities Essential and 360 Total securities.

2. ESET: You can also use ESET virus protection software on your PC or Laptop. It’s a high feature software that are the remove unwanted virus, malware, threats, woms, Trojans, spyware from your PC.

3. Kaspersky: is totally free virus protection software. You can quick scan PC by Kaspersky software. The software provides free of charge and easy way to remove a virus and hidden others threats.

4. Avast: Avast is a common and most popular trusted free antivirus and security software in the world. More than 230 million user use avast antivirus software for protecting their PC. Avast PC scanner gives to possible scan your virus quickly. It will scan one file at a time, but it will not scan up to 16MB file at a time.

5. HouseCall: is free online virus protection software. HouseCall quick identifies virus and fix high threats, including virus, malware, Trojans, spyware. HouseCall also supports windows 7, win8, win 7 SPI, only 64 bit. It also support Mac OS 10.7 or later.

6. Panda Activescan: Panda active scan is on of the most popular free virus protection software. Panda detect all kinds of malware, vulnerabilities and unknown threats. Now this time Panda is protecting more than 30 million users PC according to d to Panda website.

7. Bitdefender: is an award winning quick scan and security checker free anti-virus software. You can real-time sucre you’re PC, Mac, and mobile device by using Bitdefender. Another import thing that it’s social network scanner software.


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7 Least Favorite Free PC Virus Protection Software 2015