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Top 3 free Android Apps Widgets for Blog

Generally bloggers love to see their Analytics Traffic, Adsense income, Twitter followers details every time. Anyway, for that one needs to visit three diverse free android apps which might be bothering at a few times.

Well, things are going to change. I figured out some truly cool free android widgets which might arrange with a solitary screen and are occasionally auto update.

This helps in getting all your details in 1 screen without needing to go into diverse applications accordingly saving part of the time. So here are the Widget Apps you can download instantly.

1. Free Twists android apps widgets:

Twists is a dedicated Twitter widget just for showing your Daily, Weekly and Monthly twitter followers. Exceptionally useful in checking the number of twitter followers.

2. Adsense free android apps widgets:

This App is the best for getting your Adsense Earnings Stats and widgets is a minor feature of this app. You can set the default refresh interim option as less as 5 mins.

3. GAnalytics Beta free android apps widgets:

This is also a full blown apps and the best to monitor your Analytics information. You can use the constructed in the widget in this App to display your Analytics information for your site. It auto refresh your Analytics details once in an hour.

These widgets fit into a solitary screen and give all of you the information in 1 shot. No compelling reason to visit different places for getting all your details. Presently have everything in 1 screen and see your website develop every day. Spread the saying to your blogger friends.


James Reynolds said...

I can't get enough apps, I'm always downloading the newest ones and experimenting with making my own. I've had an idea for an app in my head for the longest time but I had no idea where to even start. I am very inexperienced in android application development, so I've been researching online what the best methods are. would you use a mobile based social network, where you meet up with strangers who have something in common with you and make connections?

mahasiswa teladan said...

hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

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Top 3 free Android Apps Widgets for Blog