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Tips for ‘hide your facebook updates status’ from friends

There are bunches of explanations you might wish to hide a status update on Facebook from certain friends. You may have a friend your grandmother and need to get to a post that is too graphic for her delicate eyes. Alternately possibly your friend, your supervisor and might love to simply say how much you scorn working late, however, are attempting to get a promotion. Basically, your educator is a friend and you would love to simply revile the most assignments. In any case explanation for why you would need to specifically hide your facebook update status from certain friends. Here my article is how to guide Hide Your Facebook Update Status.

Little look for hide facebook update status:

Possibly you recognized it, or perhaps you didn't, but Facebook as an included a little lock image under the status update content box as indicated this image here.

Afterward, you need to create a selective status update implying that you will post something that certain friends can't see, clicking that small lock. At the time you do, the accompanying window will show up:

Now this is the part where you will choose precisely who does, and who doesn’t see your post. Click on "edit" next to "Custom." Another window will show up similar to this.

Now, you will recognize a helpful content box for "Hide this from." In that case, type name of the person you need to hide the status update from, and then click ‘save setting’ that's Ok, now type your own status, and post something it. As a result, any persons or your friend never see that post.

Be cautioned that this is not the best idea for making comments about persons behind their faith. The sum of your different friends can see it and anybody could reveal to them quite effortlessly. Be it may for a cool use, this is an extraordinary approach to control who sees your posts.

So if you can flow above article for hiding your Facebook update status from your friends. And so you will not face to any problem with your friends and others.


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Tips for ‘hide your facebook updates status’ from friends