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What to do before buying a tablet ? Which one to choose ?

According to the technology specialist, tablets have great demand because of its size and performance. Apple, Sony, Samsung, Asus and many other tablet brands are available in the market. Though there are a lot of feature of tablets but you hesitate to pick up the perfect one for yourself.

Before buying a tablet: I would like to tell that, you should be serious about the processor, memory and other hardware. The speed of the processor makes your tablet fast. Fast processor processes the data fast. Brand is not the main fact. Take a look at the hard disk or external memory space. Camera, sensor, USB, Battery Back-up and sound system are also important. Service and warranty should be looked.

Chinese Tab: Different China tabs are available in the market. These colorful Chinese tabs are cheap too. Max-Pro, Oxel, Arcos are different Chinese brands. These tabs are Android OS based.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chinese tabs: As these have Android operating system, you can easily run the applications of smartphone. These are so nice looking. On the other hand, the hardware of these tablets is not so dependable. There is no scope to examine the performance of these tablets.

Before buying a Chinese laptop: Check the processor, ram, graphics, display of your product. You also assure the warranty of the tablet.

Best 8 laptops now:

                                1. i-pad mini
                                2. Galaxy note 8.0
                                3. Kindle 8.9 HD
                                4. i-pad 4
                                5. Nexus 7
                                6. Nook HD
                                7. Nexus 10
                                 8. Suface pro

5 essential tips:

                                1. Buy according to your necssity
                                2. Buy tablet with latest processor and OS
                                3. Check display resolution and the quality of camera
                                4. Check details information on the internet
                                5. Avoid used tablet


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What to do before buying a tablet ? Which one to choose ?