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Tips before buying a laptop

There is a great demand of “LAPTOP” this time in the world now. People prefer the laptop more than desktop just because of its performance and reliability. It takes your virtual world with you always. Laptops are of two types based on its performance.

i.                     Net-book
ii.                   Notebook

Those who does personal task buys a netbook. They use it for listening to music, browsing the internet, watching movies and some other tasks like these. On the other hand, the professional users buy a notebook for High Definition Graphics, Video Editing, High-End Gaming graphics and many more.

You have to choose your one according to your necessity.

Important facts about buying a laptop:  

i.                     The Lower budget laptop is enough for listening to music, browsing the internet, watching movies etc. But if you are a movie addicted, you will buy a laptop with a big screen.

ii.                   If you always stay out of the home with your laptop, the laptop battery backup is an important matter to consider. The big screen of your laptop uses most of the charges. As the battery backup is important then go for smaller screen laptop. The other thing is the battery cell. The more battery cell, the more backup.

iii.                  To play games, high definition graphics, edit video you should buy High- Configuration laptop. First, look at the clock speed (it must be more than 3.0GHZ) of the processor. Check the hard disk, ram and graphics card.

iv.                 Laptops are portable. It’s a big facility. So, know about the weight of your laptop. Buy a light laptop if you need to carry it always.

v.                   Take the warranty card, charger, bag, and other accessories from the seller. Try to buy it from trusted dealer or person.

vi.                 Always avoid buying a second-hand laptop.

vii.                Consult with your friends or colleagues before buying one. Take an expert person with you if possible. Read the reviews on the internet and finally take the decision.

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Tips before buying a laptop