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Caring of your beloved laptop battery

The laptop has an important part in our IT life. We buy a laptop for different purposes. At first, we think about the configuration. Then the battery backup becomes the main fact.  It’s important because without backup we can’t work at a stretch. The battery crashes without proper care. You should follow the steps to keep your battery perfect.

2. Don’t keep plugging and unplugging the laptop.
3. Sunlight is so harmful both for the battery and display.
4. Shut down the laptop or turn it to sleep mode while charging.
5. Keep it away from water.
6. Totally discharge the battery once per month. Then fully charge it again and use. This will increase the effective life of the battery. But remember, only once per month.
7. Never keep your laptop stand-by. Hibernate it if you need.
8. Use lower graphic and keep the display dim.
9. Use the original battery and charger which comes with the laptop.
10. Clean the battery contacts and don’t use roughly.


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Caring of your beloved laptop battery